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Adapting Your Content for Mobile

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Karen McGrane

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Transform your existing content into packages that work for your CMS, people, and users. Publish content to many devices using one, author-centric workflow.


Identifying gaps in your processes

  • The industry trends about how people engage with mobile — and how it impacts you

  • Characteristics of reusable, structured, and presentation-independent content

  • How to evolve your workflow in order to deliver content on mobile

Examining your existing content

  • How to take inventory of content using an objective, quantitative approach

  • Techniques for auditing content using a subjective, qualitative approach

  • Mobile constraints that help teams prioritize and simplify messaging


Modelling content for mobile

  • How to organize your content by type, attributes, and data types

  • Why having this kind of structure gives you more flexibility now and in the future

  • The characteristics, data types, and elements of desktop content

Creating content packages

  • How to structure content so authors can publish to multiple views from one place

  • Content-package characteristics, like varied image crops or different text sizes

  • Techniques for expanding the content model to address a range of devices

So you think you need a mobile website?

Fix your CMS

You can’t just migrate the content, especially if your CMS inhibits authors. Follow a user-centered design process to understand the roles, workflow, and tasks in your publishing process.

Don’t jump to design

Before demanding a responsive design, structure your processes and content assets to be responsive. Categorize your content based on characteristics like character counts, object sizes, and file formats.

Optimize your workflow

Rather than designing for individual screens, you’ll use repeating concepts that aren’t based on UI elements. You’ll fuse the content model with a process that actually facilitates publishing.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Avoid the maintenance nightmares from device-specific experiences
  • Make a strong case for why mobile content strategy is important
  • Get a strategy to deal with increased traffic from mobile devices
  • Prioritize content for mobile without sacrificing the user experience
  • Identify how content strategy supports your organization’s vision
  • Create a workflow that works for end users and publishers, too

4 Practical Takeaways from Karen’s Workshop

A case for content evolution

Structure is the answer for organizations being crushed by the weight of their own content.

Content that’s organized to adapt

Minimize authors’ publishing headaches and maximize users’ readability on multiple devices.

A repeatable publishing process

Your CMS is a user experience that should help content creators complete their tasks.

Mobile content users really want

Adaptive content renders “migrate everything,” “mobile lite,” or “tablet-specific UX” moot.

This workshop includes hands-on exercises.

Karen will lead you through individual exercises — from taking inventory, auditing content, and creating content packages on a mobile screen to modelling content and then expanding upon that content model.

Karen McGrane, Adaptive Contentarian

@karenmcgrane on Twitter

If you’ve heard of “Content Strategy,” then you’re probably already familiar with Karen McGrane. After all, she’s among content strategy’s most vocal proponents and practitioners—let alone that she also specializes in UX design, information architecture, and interaction design.

In fact, you might be reading her book, “Content Strategy for Mobile,” from the A Book Apart Series. (If not, what are you waiting for?!)

Karen is a managing partner at Bond Art + Science, and she teaches design management at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Before these adventures, she founded the IA department at Razorfish, where she was VP and national lead for UX.

Given all this, it’s no surprise that Karen is one of our most sought-after content experts, speakers, and workshop leaders.

So whether you’re just familiarizing yourself with content strategy or digging deeper into its role in this multi-device world, her workshop is bound to knock your socks off.